Its good to be GoodLives


so….how did GoodLives come about?

well thats a long story, 38 years to be precise,

a long time ago in a Galaxy far far away,
It started in Sunny Southport Jewel OF The West…well it did this time anyway.
After Spending 17 years living and working throughout western europe, the last 5 of these spent in Amsterdam & Rotterdam,       I picked up on a thread of thought Called CBD.
I had been working with this miracle plant for a long time,  And now, i spend my time trying to raise awareness of the countless benefits of CBD & the versatility of the Cannabis sativa l,  hemp plant. There are now many countries waking up to  the proven benefits of CBD and the cannabis plant in general, Israel seems to be leading the field with regards to the medicinal research but there are now many countries following suit, much to the dismay of ‘big pharma’.

A bit closer to home, growers in holland have been producing these oils for decades, with the bustling tourist trade providing a very large and well documented
supply of the raw material needed to extract these amazing compounds.

Spain has now caught up and seems to be providing a new competitor in the european cannabis industries..

anyways..we digress…

after returning back to the UK 2 years ago, with the sole purose of trying to make.. and be, the change we all need and want. I am striving to supply you with the best quality cbd oils, products and services available.

And this was how GoodLives was Born.
Here at GoodLives we strive to share the best  information about cbd and anything else we think could help you to re-connect with yourself. to help us all get our bodies & mind back to equilibrium..the CBD way.

We opened GoodLives CBD cafe, 2a Eastbank Street Southport..on the 24/11/2018,   a very auspicious day.
Since then..we have been trying to help people get over any of the barriers or trepidations they might have about trying CBD for the first time,  helping to support, by sharing information and the places where you can find the information you need to build your own trust,
with ‘Cannabis’ being such a trigger word to some people …hammering down thoughts ranging from ‘damn hippies’ to ‘i cant possibly try that cannabis oil…Cannabis is a gateway drug’!!
I can assure you….it is not.
the CBD products we stock  are all certified, full spectrum 3rd party lab tested and contain 0% THC..which is the compound within the cannabis plant that contains psycoactive Properties once heated.

GoodLives CBD will get you healthy …not high

So this is a very exciting industry to be in…and a very exciting time to be alive, good things are coming and the positive change’s weve all been waiting are long overdue…and  just around the corner.. post number one complete,
there will be more…………..

its been good to share some thoughts with you. keep on rockin in ze free world mi amigos.