so..time for an update. So with time just being a man made construct it feels like a lifetime ago i made my first blog entry, but alas im back again to put some more thoughts  to binary paper, its been a good few weeks with lots going on…..weve had some amazing feedback from our customers and lots and lots of organic growth , with friends of friends coming in to try our cbd oils, balms and coffee after seeing and hearing of the results.i also
went to Preston a few days ago and clambered up a pre positioned soap box to have an accapella CBd rant to a group of strangers.. being reasonably strange myself, it was nothing new to me. it feels very special to see peoples faces change from that of apprehension at the mention of that trigger word
‘cannabis’ ,..changing to a look of interest as they understand a bit more about the Endogenous Cannabiniod System (the part of you that is making cbd right now!)
to sheer amazement when find out why & how CBD works ..and what it can do. It can be difficult when someone has been told their whole life that Cannabis is bad ,
and a gateway drug ..a gateway to where exactly?..the fridge? since medical records began..there has been zero…yes zero deaths attributed directly to Cannabis….
the statistics actually favour the opposite. Im pretty sure the statistics showing the lives saved  by cannabis and its properties would be pretty surprising …
if they were ever allowed to be collated and released for public opinion, they are probably locked up and stored in the vatican archives alongside the ark of
convenant and the hoverboard from back to the future 2!!  …but anyways..a little bit of research shows that the history of cannabis an it usages dates back to
at least the third millenium BCE in written form anywhoo, and probably for a lot longer before pretty sure i read somewhere that the sumerians are said to have
grown crops of hemp…and that was a pretty long time ago! the Sumerians where the ‘first’ civilisation to thrive after the last ice age refered to as ‘the younger Dryas’ ending roughly 12500 years ago.
the Sumerians changed from being hunter gatherers constantly on the move following the seasons and hunting for food  in the ‘Cradle of civilization’,
over there in the persion gulf, to starting colonies.something changed and they set roots and learnt..or were taught Farming, astrology, calculus and written word by a group they referred to as
‘the annunaki’ those who from heaven to earth came .. but anywhoo thats a whole n’other story for another time.. but hey…if they were interplanetary hemp growing
types..i wreckon there might have been a super silver haze involved.

but closer to home, life in GoodLives cbd cafe is moving on well, people are loving our Panacea Blend cbd coffee and leave the shop with a cbd spring in there step…
were expanding the range of cbd oils and products every week..and are getting good feedback from our cbd & almond infused coffee which has been showcased  this week.

i hope reality is treating all of you well, in this crazy holographic game.

just remember nothing is impossible,  the very same word separated shows possible.

rock on an catch you next time.

p.s. every spelling mistake and grammatical error is purposed to show the paradoxical nature of light and dark. and also because there is no spellcheck facility available.

its good to be GoodLives